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Embracing Change


Weird Fishh Expressive Health Services is a holistic approach to Art Psychotherapies supporting
the promotion of physical, emotional, functional and cognitive/social integration where
insights and personal understandings can be instrumental in facilitating change.
Art Psychotherapy is grounded in knowledge and embraces human development, psychological
theories and counselling techniques by using multi-modalities to improve well – being.

As an allied health service, Weird Fishh Expressive Health provides creative integrative
programs as a primary mode of communication that may use
collage, painting, sculpture, movement, drama, sound, and nature
to decode nonverbal messages, and symbols.

Here all forms of creativity are imaginable and acceptable.

Metaphorical expression can lead to a better understanding of feelings and behaviours that may resolve deeper issues.
Metaphors within an Art Psychotherapy session inspire and inform personal decisions and values.


“What is Expressive Arts-based Psychotherapy?
I have experienced most types of therapies.
Will I be asked to draw or paint?
I’m feeling overwhelmed, everybody needs me to do something for them!”

“These were my first thoughts that rushed through my mind.
I found myself resisting, and to be quite honest,
extremely uncomfortable about what I would be asked to do?”

“Kerry began to gently guide my imagination, slowed me down, and noticed my movements,
She introduced me to different modalities and allowed me to play and explore with the materials,
I was held in a safe space of no wrongs or no rights-
it was as if time stood still, and that window of space was just for me.”

“My mood became positive, and relaxed, I realised by the end of my sessions there were insights that I had uncovered about myself; perhaps I hadn’t realised them before.
I felt proud, renewed and restored. My anxieties had settled and I could breathe again.
I had cultivated a new purpose by gently stretching myself.”

“I had overcome my emotional inhibitions.”


Anxiety and Depression

“Creative Therapy removes the need for my mind to know what I need to say.”



“Sitting at home for hours at a time, isolated because of my differences; I would count the minutes for when my support worker would arrive for some company.
I felt overwhelmed in crowds because my appearance and abilities are different to most people.”

“I became excited to learn I was able to manage part of my NDIS package towards
balancing my skills, goals and social needs.
I felt safe to explore my difficult experiences when I joined a handcrafted Art therapy session for small groups and was delighted my support worker was able to join in with me too.”

“I found creativity enhanced my well-being and
is a natural aspect of all cultures and human experiences.”



We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Custodians of Australia.
We acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi People as the Traditional Owners of the country on which we meet and recognise their continuing deep spiritual attachment and relationship to land, wind, water, and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present, and emerging.

Kerry Tuck.

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